Perfect Date Night Outfit for Spring

beauty fashion May 16, 2023

Hold up! Is this seriously about to be my first fashion blog post!? I am excited out of my mind! I am finally delving into something I'm so passionate about after hiding in the shadows for so many years. I love dressing up and putting together cute, fashionable, and modest looks! So here is what I have in my closet for date night this spring!

This beautiful green high-low dress from Chic Couture Online brings out the LIFE and BRIGHTNESS of the new spring season! I love how flirty the open shoulders are, and the flowiness of this silky fabric. My shoes are black velvet heeled sandals to match the luxurious fabric of my dress and matching velvet clutch.

The chandelier earrings compliment the simplicity and class of the whole look. I also love how the green jewels in my earrings favor the color of my dress. I chose these strappy-heeled sandals because the black straps complement the black lines in my dress. I also have white manicured nails and toes to match the white lines in the dress as well.

I felt so confident, free, and fun in this outfit. I have a little belly pudge after having my baby so this did a perfect job at hiding that and accentuating my legs, but not too much! I also love that there is a button above the cleavage of this dress. This was great, as I don't ever feel comfortable exposing too much of my chest area. It's all for my hubby to see while still looking cute for him in public at the same time! As you can clearly see, I put a lot of thought and intention into this outfit! LOL.

Both my earrings and clutch were thrifted items. I wish I can tell you where I got them from but I've had them for years! Details of all the other items are listed below!

Dress: Chic Couture Online⠀

Heels: Fashion Nova⠀

I hope you enjoyed this look!

Comment your favorite piece and let me know if you would like to see more looks from me in the future! Also, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Poshmark!

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