Karolyne Roberts is the Best-selling author of 10 books and a speaker who is blazing the trail for changemakers and transformational leaders around the globe! Through her YouTube channel, she faithfully impacts and inspires over 435,000 subscribers worldwide.

Karolyne is the wife to her college sweetheart and husband of 10 years, Kal Roberts. Together they have four children and reside in the sunshine state of Florida. During her college years, Karolyne received a B.A. degree in Creative Writing and became a member of the Jim Moran Institute of Entrepreneurship, where she was awarded her first business start-up grant and became admitted to the Florida State University business incubator program.

As a writing and business coach, she helps women walk in their God-given purpose, while teaching them how to balance everyday life. Karolyne is the Founder and CEO of the Writers Retreat‚ĄĘ¬† (writersretreat.com) where her platform and mission is to help women and youth use their voice and writing as a tool to positively impact and influence their communities.

My Story

I was raised by a single-mom who emigrated from Haiti in order to give me a better life. I am a natural-born leader, being the oldest of four sisters and one brother.

I grew up in the church because my Haitian aunt would bring us there every Sunday, but I didn't truly know what it meant to have a relationship with Christ. Neither did I have a strong relationship with my earthly father growing up, which led me to look for love in all the wrong places.

Middle school was ghetto for me. Before I got saved, I was pretty ratchet. I started dating the worst guys (pot heads, drug dealers, thugs, you name it). For some reason I was drawn to the toxicity but God literally protected and covered me through those relationships.

My mom used to always pray:

"Lord, please protect her and be her Father."

Then finally, around the age of 14, I was radically saved after God snatched me out of one of those toxic relationships! I vowed to God that I would finally discover what it means to have a relationship with Him.

From then on, I pursued God wholeheartedly. I got a bible I could read and understand. Then I started to study God's word like crazy! I fell in love with Jesus.

When I turned 15, I officially got my driving permit and started attending a local bible-teaching church. Around this time I joined the worship team and also discovered my love for writing in the form of poetry.

In highschool, I was the christian girl who always talked about Jesus. I didn't really go to parties or hang out. I was independent and definitely set apart from an early age. That carried all the way through college, hence why one of the first books I wrote was called, "Young and Living for God."

In highschool I would stand up in the lunchroom and preach the gospel through spoken word poetry.

The when I got to college, I joined a campus group called Poetic Lyricism, where I would witness to hundreds of unsaved students at events, shows, and in the middle of the student union. That's how I met husband. We crossed paths at a spoken word event.

I got engaged and married while in college, at the tender age of 20. I was young but I was mature beyond my years. That is when I wrote and self-published my first book, Before Saying 'Yes' to the Ring. 

Then in August 2018, my husband and I renewed our vows during our 5-year wedding anniversary. Our entire family came together to celebrate and we recreated our original wedding photos.

Since then, God has led me to write 10 books to impact and influence people around the world for His glory. 

When I was 20, I also competed in a beauty pageant to become Mrs. Haiti International. At the time I didn't win and I wasn't quite ready for the title. Then at the age of 29, I officially became Mrs. Haiti International!

On the evening before my 30th birthday, I completed my reign. I had the honor of crowning the next Mrs. Haiti International 2023 and the privilege of being a judge.

I now know that God has called me to be an evangelist and reach the lost on a global scale. I also know that I am specifically called to Haiti, the land of my heritage, to be a light and a force for good. 

I went through life seeing God's hand on me in each and every season, covering me as the good good Father that He is. I used journaling to build my relationship with God throughout the years and writing as a gift to the spread the gospel.

For years, I would start my journal entry with, "Dear Daddy," because that is exactly how I see God and writing is my form of intimacy with Him. That is why I started my women's ministry, Dear Daddy‚ĄĘ, for women who may have daddy issues, but desire to grow in intimacy with God as their heavenly Father.¬†

Since getting married to my husband, God has healed me and restored my relationship with my earthly father. We have walked through forgiveness, reconciliation, and grown closer day by day.

When I look back at the story story of my life, I realize that I am a true witness of God's favor. My life is a testament that God is real and that He is always working and moving on our behalf. My husband and I have now been married for over 10+ years and we now have 4 beautiful children. All I can say is I am blessed and thankful because God is truly faithful. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me. I pray you were uplifted or inspired in some way.