"God can teach us to love those who have hurt us and left us angry and to love ourselves despite the wounds caused. Real healing is possible with Jesus Christ. I am a living testimony of the redemptive power in the blood of Jesus. "

This book was written to encourage those who grew up without a father and are in pursuit to fill that void with the different things of this world. If you are struggling with your identity or questioning your existence and purpose, Ndeshi can relate to to you. In this book, she transparently shares her shortcomings and mistakes in her journey and how God revealed His purpose for her in her valley season. If you have a deep rooted resentment for someone that has left you hurt or angry, then this book is for you. Ndeshi shows how the the priority and focus of being reconciled is far more important than being right. This is a positive, uplifting book that will give you hope and lighten your path. It encourages you to fight and focus on what is remaining and not on what is lost, by breaking old patterns and habits in order to create a lasting legacy.



Location: Namibia, South Africa

Genre: Non-Fiction


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