“The girl who told God He had made her an introvert is the girl now saying I cannot serve God and plead my case as an introvert. Why? Because it is a lie that I am to live according to the pieces that make me and not according to the vision God predestined me for.”

Ashley Ertilien is a daughter and sister to a big and amazing family. She knew who she wanted to be from a young age, and nothing was going to stand in her way. “Dear God, I Can’t Do Me Without You” was born out of the pain and confusion she felt from God’s thoughts on her plan. It was a "no" for law school. On this journey of rediscovering her path, Ashley had to learn to trust the invisible God she grew up hearing about from her parents. Ashley is passionate about family and her creative outlets. She is endlessly captivated by the beauty of the outdoors and hungry with the desire to remind King’s kids that they are indeed called, chosen, and assigned with a purpose. In “Dear God, I Can’t Do Me Without You” Ashley’s sole mission is to help others learn the art of surrendering to God and experience the bliss of holding onto His hand.


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