Know God for Yourself

Join Karolyne's 1 Month "Know God for Yourself Challenge" for spiritual growth and closer intimacy with God. During these four weeks, we will be going through the fundamentals of F.A.S.T. Which are:

Week 1: F - Fear God

Week 2: A - Ask God

Week 3: S - Seek God

Week 4: T - Trust God

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Know God for Yourself Challenge

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What people are saying ...

"This challenge changed my whole perspective on my spiritual faithwalk with the Heavenly Father and Jesus. I gained so much wonderful knowledge, wisdom and revelation during this challenge." - Dory from Missouri

"The Know God for Yourself Challenge positively impacted my life by allowing me to evaluate the areas in my Christian life that need to be strengthened. The challenge also helped me to have a deeper understanding of what it really means to fear and trust God. Above all, this challenge has helped me to develop a closer relationship with God.- Dioca from Jamaica

"The challenge has taught me commitment to pursue the word of God. I have never been focused like this. I developed a hunger for the word of God through New Bible Reading skills and It has enabled me repent of the idols I had in my life and to overcome spiritual laziness. I have also learned not to always ask God for my will, but care to ask what's God's will for me. I have learned how to fear God,The right posture of asking, the fruits of seeking and trusting God

- Jackline from Kenya

"It has helped me to run to God for every aspect of my life and it has helped me to hear the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. The challenge has instilled some self discipline habits into my life. I was not expecting to grow as quickly as I did and I'm so humbled by how my relationship with God grew so much in just a month."  - Pertunia from South Africa

"It grew me to trust God more, seek Him to see more of His holiness and test His power in more areas. It inspired me to strive to enjoy His presence in prayer more than asking Him for something. And it inspired me to consider more of His glory and feelings to be obedient."  - Chastity from Texas