10 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Site!

business entrepreneurship Apr 13, 2021

The response that I got from my blog post: Passive Income: My Secrets to Making Money From Home was out of this world! I was surprised to see how much people were interested in this topic and many of you asked for a follow-up post on how to get more traffic to your site. Of course, the more traffic you have, the more passive income you will be able to make in a short amount of time. So here are 10 proven ways of getting more traffic to your blog or website!


1. Study Your Analytics and Make The Proper Adjustments

If you want to generate more traffic, you have to study your current traffic to learn what you are doing right or wrong and see where you can improve. I use Google Analytics to do this. Some important things to look at are your bounce rate and user demographics. The bounce rate will tell you the percentage of people who leave your site after just viewing one page. If you have a really high bounce rate, like 85%, then there's a problem. You have to ask yourself, why is everyone leaving my site? Is it boring? Uninteresting? What other links can I add? How can I make it more user-friendly? etc. 

The user demographics will tell you what type of people usually come to your site. For example, my site usually sees women ages 18-35. I'm not going to cater to little girls but I am going to focus on the target audience that I already have so that I don't push them away. You can also run experiments through Google Analytics. 


2. Start a Mailing List

To gain more traffic, you want to make sure that a majority of your visitors are not just new visitors, but returning visitors. If you have a lot of committed visitors plus new visitors, then you're doing something right. A way to get people returning to your site is by having a mailing list. What if someone stumbles on your website through a google search engine but they've never heard of you before in their life? You may provide the answer that they are looking for... but if you don't get them to sign-up for your mailing list, they may leave and never come back!

One mailing list program that I recommend for beginners is MailChimp and you can sign-up for free! When people sign up for your mailing list, they can get automatic updates when you post new blogs! I also recommend offering them something in return for signing up... like a free guide or checklist. 


3. Draw people in with great visuals!

Pictures are everything! Sometimes people don't even read our titles and descriptions, they just look straight at the picture and that determines whether or not they will look further into our links and posts. Use captivating and bright images to gain more traffic. One of my favorite websites to get royalty-free stock images from is Pexels.com! I use these images for blog posts, newsletters, social media graphics, and more.


4. Create Quality Content

What is your website about? Does it have good information? What do you have to offer that others don't? How helpful is your website? Your traffic will vary depending on the content as well as the content quality. If you start a website about money, a lot of people may come at first because people are greedy and love money. But if you don't know what you're talking about and can't add value to the person's life, they won't come back and they won't be inclined to share your content with anyone.

Quality content is golden and people won't want to miss out. When you have true quality content, people will find ways to subscribe without you having to ask. They will track you down and they will feel guilty if they don't share your page with others! Let your content do the work for you!



5. Attract Readers with a Good Title

Don't just give your post any name! Put yourself in your readers' shoes. Give your post a title that you couldn't help but click immediately! In terms of blogging, people generally like titles that include lists, also, be specific. For example, instead of saying, What I Like to Eat (boring), you can say, 5 Crazy Foods You Wouldn't Believe I Eat! (dramatic but fun). Also, don't make a list for every post, only where it fits. This isn't a formula, use your discernment and don't go overboard. You definitely don't want to come across as desperate for views!


6. Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

This is a fast-paced world. You may have posted a viral blog 5 months ago, but if you haven't posted in between that time and now, the fire has probably burned out. Feed the fire while it's hot. The way you do that is by developing a consistent posting schedule. When you are consistent, your readers begin to trust you and look forward to your posting days. I'm not going to lie! This has probably been one of my hardest areas, but I'm working on it because I have seen the benefits of being more consistent with my site.

Having things in place ahead of time will help with consistency because you're not digging for ideas last minute and just putting anything out there. For example, I have about 3 blog posts ready right now that I can launch at any moment! Stay ahead of your schedule, not on it!


7. Brand Everything with Your Website

My website is everywhere. Everything I touch has my website on it. My books, my youtube videos, my social media accounts, my emails, my business cards, chat rooms, forums, everything. Be bold, stop being ashamed. Leave your website URL in different places so that you're not always actively having to promote it. People will stumble on your website through various sources as you continue on in life.


8. Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Use Keywords

My website is optimized for the search engines because I always add the proper meta tags and keywords behind every blog post. This is how my posts are able to rank high on the various search engines, like Google. Keywords are words or phrases that describe your content. The search engines use your keywords to provide results for their users based on their search queries.

For example, someone may log on to google one day and type in: "How do I get over my breakup."

If I ever wrote a blog post about getting over a break, I would use a meta tag to enter in keywords like this: bad breakup, how get over a bad breakup, help, sad.

Google would do a search and the fact that 4 of my keywords match this users' query, there is a good chance that my blog post may show up in the first few pages for this search.


9. Post on Social Media

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to increase website traffic. Post on social media when you have new content on your site! Don't just expect everyone to come to you. People are so busy with their lives, more often than not, they are not thinking about our websites. Help them find you!


10. Post on other blogging or forum sites

Gosh, there are so many networking sites that people already go on to interact and discuss specific topics. Become a freelance writer for other sites, share your content and post on different forums, join in on the conversation, and always link people back to your website! If you want to become a good blogger, realize that it is a community. It's not just about you posting blogs and wanting traffic. Get involved. Comment on other people's websites. Ask questions, learn, grown, experiment, create, collaborate, and have fun!


I know this was a pretty long blog post but I hope that it was both helpful and informative. Once you start building more traffic, you will begin to see the benefits of passive income. Happy blogging!

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