100 Ways to Love and Respect Your Husband

The 100-Day Challenge for a Surviving
and Thriving Marriage

By Author:

Karolyne Roberts

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100 Ways to Love and Respect Your Husband 

is a book designed to help restore and rekindle marriages with the exemplified love of Christ on display. This challenge will move you to take action and shake things up in your marriage as you grow in passionate desire for your husband. It is for every wife who is ready to see a change and gain a fresh new perspective on marriage. I will share how you can tap into your God-given femininity as a wife and go the extra mile for your man. This book will also help you re-envision God's design for marriage and experience the bliss and satisfaction that true agape love can bring.

You will also discover:
• The importance of sex and intimacy in marriage
• How to communicate more effectively with your man
• Dealing with conflict and finding resolutions
• Keeping the spark alive in your marriage
* Unlock the 10 essential qualities of a Fruitful Wife!


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